Here you will find some of the magic projects that I ┬áhave been working on for the past few years. They tend towards the seance/bizarre/spooky end of things, and they all use electronics and technology – some of it quite obscure.

Most of these tricks are not for sale, with two exceptions: the swinging spirit bell, which can be made to order, and the Sefalaljia boxes, which I am working on. If you are interested in either of these, get in touch, at magitronics@outlook.com.

For the rest, I publish the instructions that will allow fellow magicians to make their own effects. I do believe that there is a virtue in this: in the old days, all magicians made their props, rather than buying them from dealers. If you do this, you can customise it to make it look how you want, and also you know how to fix it when it goes wrong. They are not hard to make, if you know how to read a basic circuit diagram, can use a soldering iron, and have simple woodworking skills.

The sales side of the instructions is handled by Professor Phineas Spellbinder through his site http://magicnook.com where the projects are collected together under the title “magitronics”. They are available for the astonishingly low price of $5 each. This means that if you just want to satisfy your curiosity about how an effect is achieved, you can do so without breaking the bank. It may also give you ideas about projects of your own. Professor Spellbinder and I are always interested in learning what others have done with the basic concepts.

Jolyon Jenkins